Winter Break Plans

I have never had a busy winter break, but this break is going to be different. My past winter breaks have consisted of me sitting at home binge watching Netflix series, but I’ve got a lot planned the next two weeks.

As of right now, I have three photo shoots planned and will potentially have a meeting with my sisters photographer friend. If perused this will take up most of my time. This winter break will be different because I will be doing what I love.  😁



I’m an avid procrastinator, If procrastination was a superpower, I would be the most powerful person on earth. The stress and anxiety I feel when I have to do something last minute has been a frequent feeling throughout my high school career. So when Mr. P told us to make three organization tips that we’ll help us stay organized, I was excited because I really needed the help.

The week after I made the list, I noticed that I stayed on top of my workload, planning my photoshots was easier and staying on top of my deliverables was a lot easier too. But this lasted a week. After that it was downhill from there. My workload started to pile up because I prioritized some things and I put other things on my back burner and I started to regress from the progress I was making.

I have now noticed this slow but dangerous decline, and this week, I have been making an effort in making the to do list for the day in the morning. This has helped me work in a more purposeful manner rather than just working randomly.



Project Timeline

My project timeline conference was an eye opener for me. I spent all last week solely editing pictures and not ticking enough boxes on my action plan. While this was good practice, it didn’t move my project forward. With this step back, I now have one week and a half to finish my 30 day photography challenge (which is my practice phase) to stay on track. Mr. Hansen was helpful and patient with me in this regard, and his advice helped me immensely. To stay on track, we have planned that I would schedule four vastly different photoshoots for next week.

Whereas before I didn’t quite know when to switch gears, now I know exactly what I should be doing at what point. If you’re reading this, Mr. Hansen is a cool dude. That will be all.

Glee Lied To Me

Every teen movie I ever watched before coming to Canada, suggested that bullying the new kid was inevitable. Needless to say I was petrified. The thought of getting slushied in the face and getting thrown in a dumpster everyday was not what I signed up for going to Canadian schools. After my family and I arrived in Canada, it took about a month until I was to start school. I watched countless movies about bullies to see what strategies I would take if I were to encounter one. All of this researching led to definitive solution– all I had to do was get to school early and not talk to anyone. I had it all figured out, I was not going to get bullied, no sir! Not me.

Let me set a scene for you. Seven P.M., the night before my first day. Imagine me, pacing around my room, hyper prepared. I knew exactly what outfit I was going to wear, to what backpack I was taking, I had absolutely everything figured out. Then tragedy struck. The next morning, as if a stroke of bad luck intentionally sniffed me out, I woke up late. My dad took forever to get ready and my hair looked like a mess no matter what I did. This was absolutely my death sentence. I knew everyone was going to make fun of the late African girl who wasn’t comfortable speaking English and couldn’t defend herself. Fresh bait.

However, to my surprise, when I walked in class, the teacher introduced me and everyone greeted me with smiles. Everyone wanted to talk to me, and actually looked happy to meet me. Feeling like a deer in the headlights, it took me forever to realize that this wasn’t a ruse. That first week of school turned out be the best I’d experience in a long time. I made so many friends and no one threw a slushy in my face. It’s safe to say Canadian schools were nothing like Glee made them out to be.






I’ve been working on my proof of concept presentation for a week now and it’s safe to say that it’s been a learning experience. Last Tuesday, a couple of friends and I went to the exchange district to take some pictures. We wanted to be comfortable with the camera settings and menus. The pictures that were taken were a complete disaster (on my part). They were all either underexposed, overexposed or just plain blurry. I felt so discouraged by it. The next couple of days I started to learn how to use light room. I started editing the pictures I took in the Exchange and in class. That’s when I found out most of my pictures had digital noise in them. Digital noise is when your pictures look grainy and blurry. I started to panic because all the articles and videos I watched suggested that digital noise was the worst thing that can happen to your photos.

I watched videos, and read a lot of articles on how to reduce noise in your photos, and they all failed to help me, I was stuck. I remembered that I wanted to do film photography in the first place, so I decided to get all the photos with the worst amount of noise and turn them into black and white photos. All the pictures that I thought couldn’t be salvaged, turned out to be a success and had that film look that I wanted from the beginning. This gave me an epiphany, black and white photos carry the attributes and authenticity of the old photos that I’ve always been drawn to, the photos that inspired me in the first place.


First Impressions


The past two weeks have been an exciting challenge. Being a person used to the traditional style of learning, I have found the concepts presented to me hard to grasp, however, being around creative minded people who are passionate about their projects has inspired and dared me to start thinking creatively (out of the box) on my own project. I rarely do any public speaking therefore, the presentations we did last week were so nerve-racking. I kept doubting my self and thinking less of my self but luckily a friend gave me a brilliant but bizarre self-help quote a long the lines of  “swim or drown Gloria swim or drown.” During my presentation whenever i felt my self-doubt trying to sneak through i remembered the quote, this helped me not fall apart. Propel has so far been an exciting ride and i can’t wait to receive more bizarre self-help quotes.

I recently watched the Vivian Maier documentary on Netflix, her street photography got me thinking about the complexities of human emotions. This semester i want to explore that area. I will take pictures of people every week and at the end I will have a book full of diverse faces that explore those complexities.